How can I sign up for Gardnerszone account?

Signing up is very easy. Click on “Create an account”, fill up the details including email id and password and then click on Sign up. Done!!

How will I know my order is confirmed?

The website will show up with your order ID when you confirm your order following the payment procedure. Additionally, Gardnerszone will send you a confirmation email with all the information about your order.

Can I leave items in the cart for future purchase?

You can include your favourite products in your wishlist for a future purchase. The availability of items on your wishlist and the stock that item has in the store may occasionally vary.

What are the benefits of having a Gardnerszone account?

• Record of all past and present orders.
• Notification when favourite products available.
• Rate and Review products.
• Earn Reward points and receive discounts.
• Not to fill address again.
• Refer and Earn.

I am having trouble accessing your site. What to do?

Perhaps you should reload your browser. Please double-check your internet connection to see if you can access the website if you are still having problems. Please get in touch with your internet provider if it isn't. You may need to clear your temporary Internet files, cookies, or cache if you can connect but are still experiencing issues.

I forgot my account password. What do I do?

• To enter the login window, click My Account in the top right corner of the website.
• In the bottom right corner of the login window, click the Forgot your password option.
• Type in the registered email address.
• Your registered email address will get instructions on how to reset the password.