Manual Roller Weeder

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1.) A unique innovation for all farmers that allows you with minimal effort, quickly and efficiently take care of any farm. This tool increases productivity while working on farms.
2.) This tool successfully combines the functions of a weed cutter and a hoe. A metal drum with special metal plates inside loosens the soil and crashes up the hardened dry pieces while moving.
3.) Behind the drum, there’s a special hoe that loosens the soil up to 1 inch and pulls the roots of weeds. During the first usage, it’s easy to handle the entire farm with a simple back and forth movements, without aching back. The soil is loosened and cleared from weeds in a walk. The width of the working area is 6-8-10 inch, the depth of the blade is up to 1 inch.
4.) Special protective shields on the drum’s side save your plant stems from being damaged.
5.) An important feature for convenient use of the tool is the ability to change the angle of the direction of the handle. The range of deviation from the vertical axis is 20 degrees. Thus, while working with the ROLLER-WEEDER it’s easy to move parallel to the treated area without stepping on it.
6.) While working with the hand weeder it’s easy to do few things at the same time: quickly and effortlessly loosen the soil between the rows, get rid of small weeds and saturate the soil with moisture and oxygen, making it healthier.

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