Aqua Oscillating Sprinkler

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Aqua S rectangular sprinkler - reliable and even watering for small lawns | This long-lasting lawn sprinkler is especially good at irrigating rectangular and square gardens, providing even results with no puddles. Conveniently water garden areas from 90 m² to 220 m² to keep your lawn looking lush and green even during dry weather spells. Connect the sprinkler effortlessly to any Gardena hose. You can intuitively adjust its range from 7 to 17 m. Robust and durable: The robust material includes metal elements to ensure that the sprinkler is stable. The internal filter on the water connection is made from stainless metal and can be easily removed, making cleaning a breeze. You can use the cleaning needle to unclog any limescale deposits in the spray nozzles. Made in Germany and with a five-year warranty. Frost-proof. Gardena - garden owners have trusted original Gardena irrigation systems for decades.

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